Copper coil for Closed circuit cooling towers(E.S.I)


Copper coil for Closed circuit cooling towers(E.S.I)



Copper heat-exchange coils, used in every Recold Fluid Cooler and Evaporative Condenser, provide many distinct advantages.


Primary Benefits

  • Half the corrosion rate of carbon steel in closed systems, translates into potentially longer product life
  • Seven times greater thermal conductivity than carbon steel, allows for smaller equipment size and less equipment weight
  • Easier system circuit changes or repairs, with no welding required
  • Greener product


Benefit Detail

Longer Equipment Life:

  • Copper provides superior corrosion resistance, extending equipment life
  • Copper maintains system efficiency better with time
  • Coils can be drained as often as necessary

Greater Thermal Efficiency:

  • Thermal conductivity of copper is more than seven times that of carbon steel, enhancing heat transfer
  • Smaller equipment size
  • Lower equipment weight



Benefit Detail

Easier to work with:

  • Copper can be brazed, unlike steel which has to be welded
  • Copper coils can easily be circuited to separate multiple loads within the same unit if desired

Green material:

  • Recyclable at the end of its useful life, potentially resulting in a higher salvage value per pound than steel
  • Copper is naturally bacteriostatic (inhibits bacteria growth)
  • Less process fluids required because less heat transfer surface is needed for the same amount of cooling


  • Recold has manufactured heat exchange equipment serving refrigeration, HVAC, and industrial applications for over 75 years. For the best value in evaporative cooling equipment, insist on a Recold heat transfer coil made from copper.


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